Contact Cards

In the pursuit of quantifying contact exchange, Tinder fails to understand how many users share their social media handles in lieu of a phone number. Analysis shows 25% of conversations are mentioning social media in chat on a weekly basis, but only 14% of females and 7% of males exchange phone numbers. There is a missed opportunity to account for social media handles when accounting for contact exchange metrics.


01. Provide the utility to easily share social usernames and phone numbers from within Chat.
02. Establish a baseline for social media shares in chat.
03. Increase the percentage of confirmed users that exchange contact info (outside of just phone numbers).

The contact cards that are populated will display first in the horizontal list. The empty contact cards will be separated by a bar to show the difference between empty cards and populated cards.

Tapping on any empty cell will open the "Add Contact Card" modal where the user will be able to input their username. They will be able to edit and delete using this method as well.

If the user taps on the populated card, then the contact card will preview in the text input bar. The user will then only be able perform one of two options:

1. Remove Contact Card: tap "x" on the contact card
2. Send Contact Card: tap "Send" in the input bar


The test increased the number of matches in which a phone number was exchanged (~6% lift for women and 4% lift for men). It also increased phone number sent coverage (~5% for both genders).

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