For almost a half decade Tinder has been the leading dating app for the youngest generation. First, it was millennials and now it's Gen Z. We wanted to rethink what Tinder could look like for todays 18-22 year old generation.


01. Make aesthetic cleaner and more modern while not loosing the fun
02. Minimize the UX changes

New icon set

My starting point was to look at Tinder's logo and try to revolve the icon set around that. The old icons are inconsistent with one another. Some look fat and rounded while others like more narrow and sharp. The Tinder logo has a roundness to it with points at the end which I tried to maintain especially in the icons like the heart and chat.


The colors within Tinder are shockingly inconsistent. There is somewhere around 60 different grays within Tinder alone. I went through and defined the minimal amount of colors needed within the App while sprucing up the colors a bit to make them more vibrant and less saturated.



Gamepad Colors



I tried a few different iterations of the navigation that all have their strengths and weaknesses. In addition, I tried placing a white gamepad on top of a black gradient which I feel gives the sense of a much more full profile without the distracting colors of the gamepad getting in the way.

I really wanted to strip as much of the color as possible to maximize the focus on the user profiles. However, I did not want to take the fun away from Tinder so I reserved color for things like interactions.

Other Improvements

Updated paywalls to help make it feel more modern and a little more simplified along with the home screen.


In Summary

Although many people think of Gen Z as children, they are actually young adults and I think the design should reflect that more. As Tinder is becoming a more iconic brand I think it's important for its style and design to be more timeless than trendy. Tinder has always revolved its thinking around 3 concepts: Simple, Fun, and Useful. I think some of these changes help to maintain those principles.

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